Week 7 - July 13th - 17th

Grades Pre-K - 3rd 

Children will have a wonderful week full of fun experiences with art & music! Your child will have so much fun creating & expressing their own artistic talents! Each child will make one individual art project daily. They will also partake in daily music activities and get to play all sorts of fun percussion instruments, egg shakers, bells, rhythm sticks, mini tambourines, dance with scarves, and much more to get our creativity flowing! Students will need crayons, markers, pencil, scissors, glue, and a tablet or parent's phone or computer to watch online and access to Zoom.

Materials Fee $10.00

Camp Specialists - Kelly Hawkins & Cameron Hawkins

Grades 1st - 5th​

Do you want to learn a little bit about other countries?  What they wear or eat?  What do they do for fun?  Well get your passport and be ready for a quick trip around the world in 5 days!  5 countries in 5 days!  Pack light because this trip will move fast! Materials needed at home: markers/crayons/pencils, scissors, tape, access to Zoom.

Material Fee $10.00

Camp Specialist - Megan Losoncy

Grades 3rd - 6th

This session will focus on exploring the endless possibilities of being a young inventor. We will get to know a few famous inventors and read short stories about how their inventions have impacted our world. Each day our campers will have the opportunity to draft an original blueprint and create an invention with surprise materials. Our campers will also build an “Inventor’s Log” which will focus on building writing skills while recording their daily creation report. Come explore with us at Young Inventors- Blueprint and Builders Camp!  Campers will need access to Zoom along with pencils, erasers, scissors, markers and glue.

Material Fees $15.00

Camp Specialist - Laura McElhany

Grades 4th - 8th

Photo Phun is a virtual photography field trip that has campers exploring coolest spots in and around their house and neighborhood.  This camp will look at the Golden Rule of Thirds as well as how to use their phone or tablet as a wonderful photography tool.  Campers use their artistic eye to capture new perspectives in their everyday life that give them a new way of seeing things. We will create phun photo books with their favorite photographs.  Campers will need access to a device and Zoom.

Material Fee $10.00

Camp Specialist - Tami Losoncy

Grades 6th - 9th

We will explore the exciting action-packed world of heroes and villains with our Comic Creators class. We will create our own superheroes, villains, and sidekicks, draw them, write stories about them and learn how to make the things they say to each other part of an engaging story. Then we will create unique places for our superheroes to have their adventures.   We will learn to draw comics, right comic stories, and dialogue, as well as place them in exciting settings. Ignite your creativity and sign up for this camp!  Campers will need pencil or pen, markers, colored pencils, or crayons, a device and access to Zoom.

Camp Specialist - Michael Duncan

Grades 7th - 9th

Junior High Schoolers will learn the 2020-2021 OCDA All-State Audition Music with the help of master teachers in rehearsals and sectionals. Students will learn technical aspects of the songs as well as foreign language pronunciation and singing technique.  Students will be sent all the music they will need and will need to have access to a device as well as Zoom.

Material Fee $10.00

Camp Specialist - Amanda Foyil

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