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Week 2 - June 24th-28th

Grades K - 3rd

Children will experience the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss through art & music! This camp is designed for K-3rd Grade. Your child will have so much fun creating & expressing their own artistic talents! Each child will make one individual art project daily & paint their very own canvas throughout the week. They will also partake in daily music classes and get to play all sorts of fun percussion instruments, egg shakers, bells, rhythm sticks, mini tambourines, dance with scarves, puppets, parachutes, and much more to get our creativity flowing! Your child will also receive a tote bag which they will design, as well as their own journal.

Camp Specialists - Kelly Hawkins & Cameron Hawkins

Grades 1st - 2nd


Students will spend the week exploring their creativity through a variety of painting activities. They will create their own masterpieces using a variety of painting methods, including watercolor, tempera and acrylics, drawing and mixed media.

Camp Specialists - Shelly Cole and Tricia Crutchfield


Grades 2nd - 6th


Love to build things? Well, this is your chance to build a lot of cool things to experiment with and take home to show them off. We will be building ramps, *bottle cars, Newton's cradle, Zip Lines and topping it off with an Egg Drop Amusement Ride. Come join the fun and have a blast understanding Newton's Laws of Motion (*children will need an empty water bottle 16.9-20 ounce for our bottle car project).

Camp Specialists - Michele Harney & Mandy Siebolt

Grades 3rd - 4th

Dog Man double dog dares YOU to spend a week of adventure delving into his antics. Replay scenes with puppets, create comic book characters, and design your own Flip-O-Rama!

Camp Specialists Morrie Picking and Rhonda Ernst

Grades 3rd - 5th


From coding your own game to making Robots Dot and Dash go on missions, adventures in technology will fill this week.  Campers will learn the basics of block coding by making stories, games, and animations in the program Scratch. We will also learn how to program Dot and Dash to perform a variety of tasks. Experimenting with augmented reality will then round out this week’s adventures.  


Camp Specialist - Janice Barnes

Let's Tinker

Grades 3rd - 5th


Let’s Tinker With Robotics:

Students will be introduced to basic robotics and block programming as they build a variety of small robots. Campers will learn about the use of sensors, motors, and gears as they see how they work together to make their robots perform.


Let’s Tinker With Stop Motion:

Students will be introduced to the basics of stop motion animation. By the end of the session, students will use the app iMotion to produce a short stop motion film.

Camp Specialist - Brenda Busby

Grades 3rd - 6th


Do you like to shop at a flea market or a garage sale and find the diamond in the rough? And then turn that into something artistic, useful or funky? Well look no more this is your camp! We will use our imaginations by taking those diamonds in the rough and up cycling them into items anyone would want to take home and show off to their friends! Come join me in this one of a kind summer camp and have some up cycle fun!


Camp Specialist - Tami Losoncy


Grades 3rd - 9th

Do you love to sing and dance? In our Music and Movement Camp students will learn how to put choreography with music while singing contemporary fun songs they hear on the radio!

Camp Specialist - Amanda Foyil

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