Week 3 - June 15th - June 19th

Grades 3rd - 5th

Photo Phun is a virtual photography field trip that has campers exploring coolest spots in and around their house and neighborhood.  This camp will look at the Golden Rule of Thirds as well as how to use their phone or tablet as a wonderful photography tool.  Campers use their artistic eye to capture new perspectives in their everyday life that give them a new way of seeing things. We will create phun photo books with their favorite photographs. Campers will need a device and access to Zoom

Material Fee $10.00

Camp Specialist - Tami Losoncy

Grades 4th - 8th

Learn to have good camera presence while performing.Get coaching on your singing voice.Prepare and perform a song that YOU LOVE. Get valuable performance practice. Have a final product: Your very own music video!  Items you will need available at home:  A device for regular video conference and recording your video.  Another device (for example: mp3 player, boombox, phone with bluetooth speaker) to play your accompaniment track, and access to Zoom.

Camp Specialist - Eveylyn Kwanza

Grades 5th - 9th

Join me for a skill building art class - a semester of visual art tucked neatly into one week! Learn a different skill each day!  

9am-12: Go through a different art skill packet each day WITH your teacher.

1-3pm: Create your own artwork based on the skills you have learned, independently.

THEN, forever wow your friends with your art skills when you get back to school.


Printmaking : Learn the concept of printmaking, practice with your teacher, create a print independently.

Selfie time: Learn the rules of thumb of self portrait with your teacher, create your self portrait independently.

Digital Art: Use your smartphone to learn different digital art apps with your teacher, create an animation independently.

Perspective: Learn the concept of perspective in a teacher led step by step packet, create your name in perspective independently.

Photography: Learn some new tricks about photography with your teacher, then use what you know about perspective and photography to create a cool forced perspective photo shoot.

Things needed at home:  access to Zoom.  Ipad, smart phone, ruler, pens, pencils, eraser

Material Fee $15.00


Camp Specialist - Kay Bratcher

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