Week 4 - June 22nd-26th

Grades Pre-K - 2nd

Join us as we read your favorite books from fairy tales to action/adventure.  We will recreate a scene from each book using materials from our home.  We will practice the dramatics, costume design, and character development to make our stories come to life!

Supplies needed at home:  dress-up clothes, crayons/markers/scissors/glue, a device and access to Zoom.

Camp Specialist - Lindsay Schonberner

Grades Pre-K - 2nd

We will have PE in our homes with daily workouts, dances, and games requiring physical movement.  Coach will have you moving every day and having fun at the same time. Some of the games and activities will be indoors and some will be out so you can catch those rays! Campers will need a device and access to Zoom.

Camp Specialist - Nicolas Schonberner

Grades 1st- 3rd

Art journaling is mixed media art created in a personal book. An excellent practice to awaken, nurture, and discover your creative spirit. We will explore many techniques, try new materials without fear, and have it all for review in your very own journal. You do not have to be good at drawing to enjoy this class! If you are attracted to painting, journaling, lettering, and odd bits of paper and mementos, you will enjoy this course! Campers will need crayons, markers, scissors, access to a device and Zoom.

Material Fee $20.00

Camp Specialist - Tami Losoncy

Grades 2n - 4th

Do you have a camper that loves the EYE SPY books?  Well now they can go on their own Eye Spy adventures around their own environment!  We will go on a scavenger hunt or two everyday! Scavenger hunts will range from nature hunts where each camper strives to find the most unique items in a nearby park, backyard, or front yard; to an end of the week treasure hunt!  No camper is too old to enjoy a scavenger hunt so don't let yours miss out on our week of daily, imaginative hunts!  Campers will need writing tools and access to a device and Zoom.

Camp Specialist - Palmer Watkins

Grades 4th - 9th

We will explore the exciting action-packed world of heroes and villains with our Comic Creators class. We will create our own superheroes, villains, and sidekicks, draw them, write stories about them and learn how to make the things they say to each other part of an engaging story. Then we will create unique places for our superheroes to have their adventures.   We will learn to draw comics, right comic stories, and dialogue, as well as place them in exciting settings. Ignite your creativity and sign up for this camp!  Campers will need at home writing utensils, crayons, markers or colored pencils, a device and access to Zoom.

Camp Specialist - Michael Duncan

Grades 4th-8th

Have you ever wanted to design and create your own fashion piece?  Guess what?  Now you can!  This is a no-sew camp that campers will LOVE.  They will create design boards, sketch their designs, deconstruct a t-shirt, create a few things out of unconventional materials and more!  At the end of the week, friends and family will be invited to the first ever Camp Explore Online Fashion show!  Materials needed at home: markers/crayons/pencils, scissors (sharp enough to cut through materials such as foam, felt, and fabric), tape, access to Zoom

⁃ Optional: Hot Glue gun (craft glue will be provided but hot glue may make it easier for campers to create things with supervision)

Material Fee $20.00

Camp Specialist - Megan Losoncy

Grades 5th - 9th

Join me for a skill building art class - a semester of visual art tucked neatly into one week! Learn a different skill each day!  

9am-12: Go through a different art skill packet each day WITH your teacher.

1-3pm: Create your own artwork based on the skills you have learned, independently.

THEN, forever wow your friends with your art skills when you get back to school.


Printmaking : Learn the concept of printmaking, practice with your teacher, create a print independently.

Selfie time: Learn the rules of thumb of self portrait with your teacher, create your self portrait independently.

Digital Art: Use your smartphone to learn different digital art apps with your teacher, create an animation independently.

Perspective: Learn the concept of perspective in a teacher led step by step packet, create your name in perspective independently.

Photography: Learn some new tricks about photography with your teacher, then use what you know about perspective and photography to create a cool forced perspective photo shoot.

Things needed at home:  access to Zoom.  Ipad, smart phone, ruler, pens, pencils, eraser

Material Fee $15.00


Camp Specialist - Kay Bratcher

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