Week 6 - July 6th - 10th

Grades 1st - 3rd 

Calling all superheroes!  If you have ever wanted to train as a superhero this is the camp for you!  Campers will go through fun and interactive courses to learn how to be a proper superhero.  Create your own superhero identity, build your super powers throughout the week and put your skills the test! Materials needed at home: markers/crayons/pencils, scissors, tape, access to Zoom.

Material Fee $10.00

Camp Specialist - Megan Losoncy

Grades 2nd-4th

Do you have a camper that loves the EYE SPY books?  Well now they can go on their own Eye Spy adventures around their own environment!  We will go on a scavenger hunt or two everyday! Scavenger hunts will range from nature hunts where each camper strives to find the most unique items in a nearby park, backyard, or front yard; to an end of the week treasure hunt!  No camper is too old to enjoy a scavenger hunt so don't let yours miss out on our week of daily, imaginative hunts!  Campers will need writing tools and access to a device and Zoom.

Camp Specialist - Palmer Watkins

Grades 4th- 6th

Is your camper a gardener?  Do you have a camper that would like to know a little bit more about gardening?  We are going to have a "green" ol' time making our own garden, learning all about flowers, vegetables, fresh spices and all things growing.   Don't miss out on this summers greenest summer camp around! Campers will need scissors, markers, pencil, eraser, access to a device and Zoom.

Material Fee $20.00

Camp Specialist - Tami Losoncy

Grades 6th - 9th

We will explore the exciting action-packed world of heroes and villains with our Comic Creators class. We will create our own superheroes, villains, and sidekicks, draw them, write stories about them and learn how to make the things they say to each other part of an engaging story. Then we will create unique places for our superheroes to have their adventures.   We will learn to draw comics, right comic stories, and dialogue, as well as place them in exciting settings. Ignite your creativity and sign up for this camp!  Campers will need writing utensil, colored pencils, markers or crayons, a device and access to Zoom.

Camp Specialist - Michael Duncan

Grades 10th - 12th

High Schoolers will learn the 2020-2021 OCDA All-State Audition Music with the help of master teachers in full rehearsals and sectionals. Students will learn technical aspects of the songs as well as foreign language pronunciation and singing technique.  Students will be sent all the music they will need and will need to have access to a device as well as Zoom.

Material Fee $10.00

Camp Specialist - Amanda Foyil

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